Home Grown POSTED ON October 30, 2017
They say there’s no place like home and that is very true when it comes to engine building, however, in recent times many engines have been brought in directly from overseas in an effort to save money but at what real cost?. Now there is...
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Head for Numbers POSTED ON October 30, 2017
A new Cleveland cylinder head is being developed right here in WA to produce big power and excellent torque. The choice of performance cylinder heads has exploded in the past 10 years and, in effect, this new version of the...
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Undisputed POSTED ON October 30, 2017
Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the undisputed champion of the world. Born in the USA, now fighting out of Perth, Western Australia and weighing in at 441 cubic-inches – the Bischoff Racing Engines Windsor. Not too many years ago you would...
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Power Points 2 POSTED ON October 30, 2017
Last issue we brought you the build-up on a very special 429 Smallblock Ford. This issue it hits the dyno. Essentially, the premise of this engine was to build a motor in which all its collective parts were harmonised and synchronised....
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