Cat Killer POSTED ON October 30, 2017
Back in Volume 9, Number 1 of Perth Street Car Magazine, five years ago to be exact, we covered the build up of a very unique Windsor engine being put together at A1 Hi Performance in Myaree.. Engine Essentials. The engine was built by...
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Vent Some Steam POSTED ON October 30, 2017
Hot spots in an engine can lead to warping of deck surfaces, leaks and even detonation. Keeping temperatures even around the bores and in the cylinder heads can not only increase engine life – it can also make power. Perth Street Car journeyed to...
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Thumper POSTED ON October 30, 2017
This 383 cube Cleveland hit the dyno and produced over 560 hp on pump petrol. The engine was built by A1 Hi Performance, in Myaree, using readily available parts and some good old-fashioned know-how. The owner of this mighty mill asked only...
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On a Mission Part 2 POSTED ON October 30, 2017
Several years ago we featured a 355 Holden engine, built by A1 Hi Performance in Myaree, that produced 550hp and 468lbs/ft of torque. The engine idled like a stocker and eventually ran 10.25 at 132mph in a VH Commodore. Well that was then and...
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