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POSTED ON October 17, 2017

Speedflow are an Australian company manufacturing quality hoses and fittings for the performance car industry. Speedflow fittings have been a feature in high performance racing for almost three decades, valued for their superior quality and innovative design. The aerospace style fittings are not made the conventional way; they are bent using specialised equipment to create a solid single piece bend, where other models are brazed. These bends are as low and strong as forged fittings but have the advantage of being a swept full flow bend.

The Speedflow name is known in the motorsport industry all around the world as a mark of quality, which is why A1 Hi Performance stock the full range of products. Their signature hose fittings can be found in performance cars throughout Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the United Arab Emirates. All Speedflow steel fittings are plated using the Electroless Nickel process which gives them a uniform coating, providing a high degree of corrosion resistance while retaining their lubricity.

Speedflow’s alloy fittings are made from marine grade 6061 billet aluminium to resist fatigue and corrosion. The 100 series hose ends are cutter style to achieve superior sealing around the hose. In the 200 range the hose ends are reusable because the way they mechanically clamp on the wire achieves a better seal than crimp types. Also, the convenience of reusable hose ends means not having to replace the part every time you change a hose. It is worth noting when reusing Speedflow 200 series hose ends, a new insert should be used to keep the seal tight.

Speedflow also produce a range of high quality hoses for various uses. The 100 series, designed to be used for fuel lines, coolant systems, and oil pressure systems is compatible with water, oil, and unleaded fuels. With the introduction of new unleaded fuel blends in recent years Speedflow are working to ensure the 100 series stays at the top of the game by modifying their materials and design processes so the hoses stay sealed under pressure in high performance vehicles.

The 200 series hoses, found in clutch lines, fuel systems, off road brake lines, oil pressure systems, power steering and gauge lines, are a move heavy duty solution where heat is a factor. The 200 series is ideal for use with all types of unleaded fuel, with the 200-06 and 200-08 series carrying specialised antistatic carbon coating for maximum performance. For methanol fuel lines, low pressure oil systems, and coolant systems the 400 series Pushlok hoses are the perfect solution.

A1 Hi performance choose to carry Speedflow hoses and hose ends for their commitment to manufacturing excellent quality parts right here in Australia. A1 Hi Performance carry a range of Speedflow hoses and fittings. See them in our online store now.


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